ropedojologoThe LA Rope Dojo is proud to announce a new series of classes the Threshold in Los Angeles. These classes will be a blend of basic instruction (beginner to immediate level rope), combined with kinbaku education (art, books, films, talks) and plenty of time to socialize, tie and practice.

Our first event will feature our video of Akira Naka’s Los Angeles performance from this past June, a great chance to see it if you weren’t able to attend or see it again if you were!

We will couple this with some basic instruction on Naka Sensei’s unique gote (hands behind the back tie) and some discussion of the philosophy behind his style and technique.

Classes will be led by Master K and Zetsu and will be held on the first Thursday of the month from 7-10 pm. Our goal is to teach both the techniques of kinbaku as well as to provide a bit of context to the art form. Classes are open to all levels of experience and those new to the art, both tops and bottoms, are especially welcome.


Master K has studied the art for more than 40 years and is both a student of Yukimura Haruki (under the name Haru Tora) and the direct and named successor to Urato Hiroshi’s school of kinbaku in Japan. He is a renowned authority on his subject and has been a teacher of Kinbaku for over 30 years. He is also the author of “Shibari, the Art of Japanese Bondage” (2004) and “The Beauty of Kinbaku Or everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized you didn’t speak Japanese” (2010). His latest book was recently translated into Japanese as “A Cultural History of Kinbaku” and is in its third printing in Japan.

Zetsu has been studying rope since 2008 and kinbaku photography since 2010. He is the deshi of Master “K” in Los Angeles and a member of Yukimura Haruki’s kinbaku school in Japan under the name Haru Yutaka. He has participated in workshops in Tokyo with Suguira Norio and has had his work exhibited in Tokyo at Gallery Shinjukuza, run by the legendary kinbaku photographer Kanno Kei. While in Japan, he has participated in several “satsueikai” photo shoots, photographing the rope work of Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki. He is a member of The Monarchs in Los Angeles, co-executive producer of BOLD (an annual MDHL conference), and is co-founder and co-owner (with Master “K”) of the Los Angeles Rope Dojo (


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