Join us for a discussion of rope bondage suspensions. One of the most dramatic and intense forms of rope play, suspensions have a long history in Japanese culture, beginning as a form of punishment and coercion to confession and evolving into an erotic activity that has been used for everything from erotic play to show stopping performance.

This class will focus on understanding the history and theory behind suspensions, with a particular focus on how to perform them safely. Not every suspension is ideal for every partner and we will break down the different techniques for suspending people to understand the particular pleasures, stresses, and risks that each entails.

Just like every other aspect of kinbaku, matching your ties to your partner can make all the difference.

The LA Rope Dojo will also be announcing a new series of programatic courses (to be held at our new space in Koreatown), one of which will be on suspensions (others will be on fundamentals, semenawa, and Yukimura style kinbaku).

Threshold Clubhouse
11300 Hartland St North Hollywood, CA 91605

Cost: $15 ($10 for Threshold members)

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Founded in 2011, the LA Rope Dojo is dedicated to providing safe and traditional training in the Japanese art of kinbaku. We offer regular classes, workshops, intensives, and events to help build the LA rope and kinbaku community. We have brought Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki and rope master Akira Naka to Los Angeles to offer seminars and workshops.


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