The LA Rope Dojo is very proud to announce that we have a new space that we are ready to open with a whole slate of kinbaku activities for the month of May.  In addition to our classes at Threshold, we will be offering several more in depth and programmatic class options.  The first, Kinbaku 101, is a four week series of classes held on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00, covering fundamentals of kinbaku, designed for novices to learn how to tie and develop their skills for more advanced instruction.

We are also hosting movies nights, showing classic Japanese rope films, which are always a lot of fun.  First up is the 1974 classic Wife to Be Sacrificed featuring the stunning Naomi Tani in her most famous role, as well as rope by one of the dojo’s O-Sensei, Urado Hiroshi.

For those brand new to kinbaku, we have an introduction to the dojo followed by an art social on the first Sunday of the every month.  Our space has more than 50 works of art on display, ranging from classic Ukiyo-e prints to photography and drawings for kinbaku master artists and bakushi.  Every two months, we will feature a new exhibition.

Finally, for more advanced students, we will be hosting a class on advanced topics, following the tradition started by Nureki Chimuo with his famous Kinbiken workshops.

We look forward to seeing old friends and new faces at our new space.


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