Beginning in September, LA Rope will offer monthly meetings for the opportunity to study the style of Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki in greater depth.

Rather that a standard class or workshop, these meetings are designed to explore the conceptual foundations of Yukimura style shibari.

Each meeting will be divided into two parts. The first will be a presentation, focused on the work of Yukimura, designed to highlight a particular aspect of his style, a concept, or context for the practice of erotic rope bondage. We will explore some of his video work, photography, and writings and in doing do, work to better understand the Yukimura school of tying.

The second half of the meeting will be for participants to put Yukimura’s concepts into practice. Participants are free to work on new ties, replicate ties or scene from the earlier discussion, or practice and work on the basics of Yukimura style shibari.

The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about Yukimura’s approach to rope. No experience is required.

A partner is not required to participate, but will be useful for the second portion of the meeting if you wish to tie.

The meeting will be led by Zetus, a certified instructor in Yukimura style shibari and the primary instructor for LA Rope.

Meeting will not be progressive, meaning you may join at any time and come as often as you wish. Each meeting will have a different focus and will explore a new element of Yukimura’s unique approach to erotic rope bondage.

Our first meeting will be September 27th. Tickets are available here: Yukimura Ryuu Study Group


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