It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform students of LA Rope that Yukimura Sensei passed away this month on March 3rd.

He was the inspiration for LA Rope and for the founding of the dojo space. As those of you who have visited know, his picture hangs over the door and his calligraphy hangs on the wall of the dojo.

This December, while I was visiting him in Ebisu, we had long discussions about what it means to run a dojo and, specifically, what he would like to see the LA Rope Dojo accomplish in forwarding his style of kinbaku. I asked for and was given permission for LA Rope to be a Yukimura Ryuu dojo, with the teaching of his ryuu to be its primary mission.

Our correspondence continued after my visit. The last letter I received from him simply said “少し お待ちください” (“Please wait a minute”). Shortly after, he was back in the hospital.

I can’t quite come up with the words to express the loss, not only personally, but to the rope world in general. I am still processing what I learned during my last trip.

It has been heartwarming to see the affection people had for him all over the world and the true outpouring of emotion people have shown at his loss.

I can think of no better tribute to Yukimura sensei than to continue that mission in teaching his unique style of rope, both in technique and philosophy. It was truly his passion to help people understand the power rope can have and the joy it can bring.

We honor his legacy and his memory at LA Rope by continuing his work and passing on his love of rope.

All those who wish to do the same are always welcome to join us.


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